Key Research Interests and Expertise

My group is interested in the different types of structure DNA can form and studying how this can be influenced by conditions, ligands or drugs. Our work spans both chemistry and biology but also has applications in nanotechnology. We are particularly interested in finding and developing molecules which interact with i-motif DNA, an alternative structure of DNA formed in sequences which are rich in the base cytosine. We are also interested in other alternative structures in DNA and RNA such as G-quadruplexes, hairpins and 3 or 4-way junctions and probing their potential functions in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic biology.


Research Group Membership

Current Group

  • Mahmoud Abdelhamid (Eastern-Arc PhD student) joint with Dr Andrew Gates (BIO)
  • Philip Spence (BBSRC DTP PhD student) joint with Dr John Fielden (CHE)
  • Summer Rosonovoski (BBSRC DTP PhD student) joint with Dr Christopher Morris
  • Ying Xia (PhD Student) joint with Prof Mark Searcey

Past Group Members

  • Robert Helma (Horizon 2020 exchange PhD student)
  • Daniela Stoyanova (Biochemical Society student)
  • Dr Jan Coufal (Horizon 2020 exchange PDRA)
  • Dr Emily Warner (Wellcome Trust funded PDRA)
  • Dr Elise Wright (BBSRC funded PDRA)
  • Sophie Farrington (Biochemical Society student)
  • Qiran Sheng (PhD student) joint with Dr Susan Matthews
  • Rouven Becker (ERASMUS student)
  • Jessica Louzame (Visiting Researcher)
  • Matthew Bennett (Diabetes UK research associate)
  • Hamza Patel (Royal Society of Chemistry student)
  • Ramona Mostashiri (ERASMUS student)
  • Henry Day (Novartis PhD student)
  • Isabela Zakimi Innocentini (Science Without Borders student)
  • Tasnim Mahmoud (Visiting researcher)
  • Lavinia Dunsmore (Royal Society of Chemistry student)
  • Viji Moorthie (Visiting researcher)
  • Philip Gillespie (Wellcome Trust vacation student)
  • Bhovina Buguth (Big C vacation student)
  • Muhannad Daas (Novartis summer student)
  • Shahid Chowdhury (Big C vacation student)
  • Camille Huguin (Visiting researcher, National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen)
  • Phuong Nguyen (Novartis summer student) joint with Dr Susan Matthews
  • Rebecca Arnold (Wellcome Trust vacation student)
  • Funmi Ayeni (Nuffield Foundation student)

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