Key Research Interests and Expertise

As a phonetician my research activity focuses mainly on the auditory and acoustic analysis of speech. Since arriving at UEA in 2005 most of my work has focused on speech analysis relevant to any of the SLT client groups, whether that involves typically developing, non-standard or disordered speech. Currently my principle research interest is dysarthria, in particular non-progressive dysarthria following stroke, as well as progressive dysarthria in Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, I am also very interested in different areas of the student experience in Higher Education, including different pedagogic approaches to learning, e.g. Problem-Based Learning, and issues around professionalism, its different aspects, and how these skills can be developed in the Higher Education setting. 


I am happy to supervise PGR students in:

  • Dysarthria
  • Areas relationg to speech analysis
  • Disordered speech
  • Phonological development or disorder
  • Student experience
  • Higher education
  • Communication skills


ID: 144937