Key Research Interests and Expertise

Current research interests focus on social innovation and rural, family and institutional entrepreneurship issues. My research approach is under the influence of economic sociology and integrates the broader forces for change with the responses of actors and businesses set in their particular local and regional contexts.


I am an invited member of the ESRC College of Peers (since 2010), I hold an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh on research grounds evidence (2009-2015), I am on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Innovation Management and the Journal of Family Business Management. I have also been a member of the international research consortium STEP (Babson College, USA) that is the first global study of transgenerational entrepreneurial processes in family businesses ( I am a joint guest editor of the Special Issue 'Gender and Family Business: New Theoretical Directions' (2014) for the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship.  I am also the Chair of the UEA NBS Research Ethics Committee, which contributes towards the definition and application of the University's research ethics policy and operational principles.


I am currently leading the academic evaluation of a major new £10.3 million EU project (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund) that aims to boost enterprise training and job opportunities for thousands of social housing residents in England and France. Increase Valorisation Sociale ('social value' in French) is a partnership between the University of East Anglia (UEA) and nine housing associations and training providers. This Interreg France (Channel) England Programme is being led by Optivo, one of the largest housing associations in England and will help 4900 people through entrepreneurship training, supporting 2000 of those into employment  and the creation of 1200 new businesses. The five year programme (2018-2022) will support residents in 38 neighbourhoods facing barriers such as single parenting, disability, multi-generational benefit dependency, high rates of poverty and low job opportunities. The areas involved are in the South and East Coasts of England  from Hampshire to Norfolk and the North Coast of France from Finistere to Pas-De-Calais (see or  Through this project I was also a finalist for the 2020 UEA Innovation and Impact Award (see related video and the winner of the 2020 UEA Engagement Award (see

I previously led and carried out as a Sole Investigator a 30-month ESRC grant (2008-2012; approx £104,000) that explores patron-client relationships and performance in Scottish family businesses ( A research output resulting from this study won the 2018 Academy of Management Conference 'Best Family Business Paper Award', Entrepreneurship Division (see and another one won the 2020 US Family Firm Institute 'Best Unpublished Research Paper Award' (see 


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I am currently supervising 4 PhD students and I am interested in receiving applications from prospective PhD students in the areas of family, institutional and rural entrepreneurship, social innovation and business relationships.

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