Key Research Interests

Internationalization of Higher Education

Academic mobility

Comparative perspectives on university governance

Yann Lebeau is currently involved in the dissemination of findings from a large international study of Mexican academic and scientific mobility (ROMAC) supported by a grant from the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).  The data collected for this  project included an online survey of current and past Mexican students studying internationally as well as over  two hundred interviews conducted in the 5 leading study destination countries for Mexican students. Yann coordinated the data collection in the UK as well as contributing to the design of the general analytical framework, with particular responsibility for the study of destination choices. The project was funded until December 2016.

Yann recently completed a  project with Dr Vassiliki Papatsiba (University of Sheffield) looking at current practice and perceptions of research collaboration among European social science researchers. In line with Yann’s previous research interests, this project explored the interactions between higher education policies, institutional strategies and academic practice from a sociological perspective.  Using the multilateral Open Research Area funding scheme as a case study, the project was a mixed method approach combining relational analysis and discourse analysis of projects’ principal investigators. Findings from this research have been presented at various European conferences (ECER 2012, SRHE 2012, CHER 2013) The project was completed in  2014. Yann and Vassiliki’s most recently co-authored research paper from the project was published by  the European Educational Research Journal.

Other recently completed research projects in the UK looked at the Social and Organizational Mediations of University Learning (ESRC-TLRP project), and at Regional perspectives on the role of higher education institutions in social transformation (ESRC-Funded). These collaborative projects generated a number of publications and presentations, including the book “Improving What is learned at university” (2010) which was awarded a prize and highly recommended by the Society for Educational Studies in November 2011.

Yann is a member of several education and development research networks, and a member of the editorial boards of Policy Reviews in Higher Education and of the British Journal of Sociology of Education. He was editor of the Journal of Higher Education in Africa (CODESRIA) until December 2011. He initiated and is coordinating a research group in EDU on Higher Education Research (RHES) which has met bimonthly and organised seminars since its creation in September 2008.

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