Wendy McMahon is a Senior Lecturer in American Studies. She joined the School of American Studies at UEA in 2010 after completing her PhD at the University of Essex. Wendy's research interests centre around the literatures of the American hemisphere and include African American literatures and human rights, literature and law, literature and social justice, representations of capitalism and globalisation, post-9/11 literature, literature, conflict and security, diaspora and exile writing, literary engagements with ideas of home, belonging, and citizenship, and  literature, space, place, and the natural environment. Wendy has published on Cuban exile writing, Caribbean literature and masculinity, as well as the aesthetics and politics of belonging in Caribbean literature.  

Wendy is the Principle Investigator on an interdisciplinary AHRC-GCRF funded project, Explosive Transformations: Cultural Resilience to Natural Hazard on St Vincent and Montserrat, which brings literary studies together with volcanology and international development in order to explore the cultural presence of the volcano in the volcanic islands of the Eastern Caribbean and how this influences community repsonses to the risks of hazardous landscapes. Wendy's Co-Investigators on this project are Professor Jenni Barclay (Environmental Sciences, UEA), Dr Teresa Armijos Burneo (International Development, UEA) and Professor David Pyle (Earth Sciences, University of Oxford), and partners are The Montserrat Volcano Observatory and the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre. In addition, Wendy is a Co-investigator on a NERC-GCRF funded project, Harnessing 'citizen science' to reinforce resilience to environmental disasters: creating an evidence base of community practice, led by Professor Jenni Barclay.  

Wendy is also working on a project on African American literatures, law and human rights.




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