Key Research Interests

Our group aims at understanding the role cell-extracellular matrix interaction plays in development and tissue maintenance in the adult. Using mice as a model system, we are interested to unravel the mechanisms by which cells direct extracellular matrix composition, and vice versa, how the environment influences cellular behavior. In recent years, we have focused our research on the function of cell surface receptors for skeletal muscle maintenance and regeneration and the role of muscle stem cells as potential therapeutic target in muscle wasting diseases, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Current Research Projects

  • Integrin function ins skeletal muscle
  • Signalling mechanism in skelatal muscle
  • Integrin function in muscle stem cell renewal and proliferation
  • Satellite cells and pericytes in muscle regeneration
  • Autophagy in skeletal muscle
  • Skeletal muscle function in diet-induced obesity

PhD Positions

Click here for current PhD opportunities in Biological Sciences. But feel free to email me to discuss projects outside these areas and alternative sources of funding.

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