I am broadly interested in issues of coastal change and the processes which shape coastal sedimentary environments. My research interests are focused on estuarine/coastal geomorphology, geophysical processes and sediment transport. Following the completion of my PhD (Wave-Induced Sediment Transport on Estuarine Intertidal Flats) in 2004, I was actively involved in the EU funded SandPit project and the EPSRC funded LEACOAST project. At present, I am a co-investigator on the multi-institutional LEACOAST2 project, which investigates the ‘Longer-term effects of shore-parallel breakwaters at Sea Palling on coastal morphodynamics’ (2005–8);  I am also working on a NERC project, Blinks, that attempts to understand the relationships between changes in coastal sandbanks and the responses on adjacent beaches (2004-7). 

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