External Activities

Fan Studies Network

Tom is the co-founder and co-chair of The Fan Studies Network, an international collective of scholars working in the study of fandom and fan culture. Formed in 2012, the FSN was created with the idea of cultivating a friendly space in which scholars of fandom could easily forge connections with other academics in the field, and discuss the latest topics within fan studies.

Since 2013, Tom has helped organise seven FSN conferences, three of which were held at UEA (2013, 2015, 2016). In addition, under the FSN banner Tom co-edited a special issue of Participations journal, featuring work from members of the Network.

Norwich Gaming Festival

In 2016 Tom received a UEA Engagement Award for his work with the Norwich Gaming Festival. Running since 2014, the festival is a major celebration of the cultural importance of videogames and highlights the local creative sector as part of this growing industry. 


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