I am a PhD candidate at the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment at the University of East Anglia, supervised by prof. Ian Bateman.  I hold a MSc degree in Theoretical Economics from the University of Amsterdam and an undergradute degree in Economics from the Charles Univeristy in Prague where my home town is. Previous to my PhD at UEA, I worked at the Institute for European Environmental Policy and provided consultant services to WWF.

I am generally interested in how economics can support the transitioning process towards sustainability. In particular, my research focuses on valuing preferences for ecosystem related goods and services and how this information can support policy and decision making across spatial, temporal and decision scales.

My current work lies within the area of interdisciplinary research, combining ecological analyses of biodiversity with economic research into the drivers of land use and environmental degradation. In particular I am working on the incorporation of issues such as spatial analysis, the impacts of connectivity on conservation and the linkage of these determinants of biodiversity to policy change and societal preferences within a dynamic world.

Academic Background

Academic journal contributions

  • Bateman IJ, Coombes E, Fitzherbert E, Binner, A., Bad’ura T, Carbone, C., Fisher, B., Naidoo, R., Watkinson, A. R. (2015) Conserving tropical biodiversity via market forces and spatial targeting Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(24), 201406484.

           In: Nature as Capital PNAS 100th Anniversary special feature, June 16, 2015

  • Bateman IJ, Agarwala M, & Bad’ura T (2014). Pollinator declines: Avoid pitfalls of consensus methods. Nature, 505(7482), 160.


Book contributions

  • Badura T, Bateman IJ, Aggarwala M, Binner A (Forthcoming) Valuing ecosystem services preferences for ecosystem related goods and services in: Roy Haines-Young, Marion Potschin, Robert Fish and Kerry Turner ed(s) Handbook on Ecosystem Services, Earthscan from Routledge
  • ten Brink P, Maza L, Badura T, Kettunen M, Withana M (2014) Governance of the Transition to a Green Economy – Responding to the Values of Nature in: Paulo Nunes, Pushpam Kumar and Tom Dedeurwaerdere. ed(s) Hanbook of Ecosystem Services Economics Edward Elgar, UK, Cheltenham
  • Badura T and Kettunen M (2013) Chapter 7: Regulating services and related goods in M. Kettunen and P. ten Brink Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas - Assessment Guide, EarthScan from Routledge, London
  • Badura T and Kettunen M (2013) Annex 3: Step by step guidance: water related ecosystem services in M. Kettunen and P. ten Brink Social and Economic Benefits of Protected Areas - Assessment Guide EarthScan from Routledge, London


Policy reports and briefs

  • Bateman I, Day B, Agarwala M, Bacon P, Baďura T, Binner A, De-Gol A, Ditchburn B, Dugdale S, Emmett B, Ferrini S, Fezzi C, Harwood A, Hillier J, Hiscock K, Hulme M, Jackson B, Lovett A, Mackie E, Matthews R, Sen A, Siriwardena G, Smith P, Snowdon P, Sünnenberg G, Vetter S, & Vinjili S (2014) UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-on. Work Package Report 3: Economic value of ecosystem services. UNEP-WCMC, LWEC, UK.
  • Natural Capital Committee (2014) The State of Natural Capital: Restoring our Natural Assets, Second report to the Economic Affairs Committee, UK. Contribution to section 4: The Benefits of Integrating Natural Capital into Decision-Making
  • Badura T, Torkler P, Arroyo Schnell A, Mitlacher G (2013) Accounting for Natural Capital in EU Policy Decision-Making A WWF Background paper on policy developments, WWF Germany
  • Russi D, ten Brink P, Farmer A, Badura T, Coates D, Förster J, Kumar R and Davidson N (2013) The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands IEEP, London and Brussels
  • Kettunen M, Vihervaara P, Kinnunen S, D’Amato D, Badura T, Argimon M and ten Brink P (2013) Socio-economic importance of ecosystem services in the Nordic Countries – Synthesis in the context of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), Nordic Council 
  • of Ministers, Copenhagen
  • ten Brink P, Mazza L, Badura T, Kettunen M and Withana S (2012) TEEB Nature and its Role in the Transition to a Green Economy IEEP, London and Brussels. (Brief presented at Rio+20 Conference)
  • ten Brink P, Bassi S, Badura, T, Hart K, Pieterse M (2012) Incentive Measures and Biodiversity – A Rapid Review and Guidance Development Volume 3: Guidance to identify and address incentives which are harmful to biodiversity IEEP London and Brussels
  • ten Brink P, Badura T, Bassi S, Daly E, Dickie I, Ding H, Gantioler S, Gerdes H, Kettunen M, Lago M, Lang S, Markandya A, Nunes PALD, Pieterse M, Rayment M, Tinch R (2011) Estimating the Overall Economic Value of the Benefits provided by the Natura 2000 Network, Final Report to the European Commission


Research stays 

School of Agricultural and Resource Economics, The University of Western Australia (August-December 2014) Use of Discrete choice modelling for analysis of preferences regarding sea grass restoration projects in the South East Australia


Summer schools

  • European Society for Ecological Economics Summer School, Leeds (2015) Transformations
  • Institute for Studies on Economics and Employment ISEO Summer School (2014) Shaping the future: towards a sustainable global economy
  • Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise LIASE Spring School, Edinburgh (2013) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Assessment and Valuation Tools

Conferences, Workshops and related science-policy interface events 

  • European Society for Ecological Economics, Leeds (2015) International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: Transformations
  • WWF and the French Ministry of External Affairs, Brussels (2015): International Workshop on Opportunities and obstacles for Natural Capital Accounting, Expert & Background publication author (see Badura et al., 2013)
  • Convention on Biological Diversity and ministry of the Environment of the South Korea, Pyeonchang (2014) Convention on Biological Diversity 12th Conference of the Parties (CBD COP 12)
  • European Environment Agency, Copenhagen (2013) Workshop on MAES pilot study on Natural Capital Accounting
  • University of Cambridge, Cambridge (2012, 2014) Student Conference on Conservation Science
  • British Council, London (2012) Green Ambassador Workshop: Last Pit-Stop before Rio+20
  • Ministry of the Environment Japan, Nagoya (2010) International Youth Conference on Biodiversity
  • Belgian Biodiversity Platform, Brussels (2010) Positive visions for Biodiversity

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