Key Research Interests

Material science:

  • Solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs
  • Drug-polymer/lipid solubility and miscibility
  • Phase separation behaviour of polymer-drug dispersions
  • Polymer facilitated drug solubilisation in biological fluids
  • Microstructure and geometry controlled drug delivery system
  • Pharmaceutical applications of novel natural polymers

Pharmaceutical process engineering science:

  • Pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion and injection moulding
  • Electrohydrodynamic processes for micro and nanoscale formulations manufacturing
  • FDM 3D printing of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms
  • Freeze drying of low density matrix system

Research Funding

Norwich Research Park (NRP) Translation Fund (PI)
Development of electrospun therapeutic masks; Jan 2017- Oct 2017

Innovative Multi-component Drug Design (IMODE) ; Oct 2016-Oct 2019
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Royal Society & Newton Foundation (co-PI)
Oral cancer therapy; Mar 2016-Mar 2019

Royal Society (PI)
International Exchange Grant: Engineering nanostructured bio-responsive matrices for oral delivery of chemotherapy
Mar 2015-Mar 2017

UEA proof-of-concept fund (PI)
Drug eluting contact lenses for galucoma treatment 2015-2016

Advanced Material and Pharmaceutical Technology Cluster
Jan 2014-July 2015

IDEA: Improving drugs efficacy and availability
Jun 2009-Jun 2013

Evonik Industries (Germany) (PI)
Drug-polymer miscibility and its relationship with the physicochemical stability of solid dispersions
Oct 2009-Sep 2012

Evonik Industries (Germany) (PI)
Nano-characterisation of hot melt extruded formulations
Jan 2007-Apr 2009

ID: 25038