Key Research Interests

Intercultural education and the indigenous movement, bilingual education and plurilingual language policy, curriculum development and teacher education in low income countries.  I have a regional focus on intercultural and indigenous education in Latin America (especially Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) and a focus on gender equality and basic education in Sub-saharan Africa (especially Tanzania, Mozambique, Liberia) and in East Asia (Vietnam).


There are two major strands to my research. The first is in Latin America and particularly Peru, where I carry out ethnographic research on indigenous education, interculturalism, indigenous movements, bilingual education and plurilingual language policy. My monograph on the Arakmbut of SE Peru, first published in 1999, was revised and published in Spanish in 2003. Drawing on this and earlier work, I take a longitudinal approach to researching indigenous knowledge, learning and literacy in the Amazon region and to understanding relationships between education and social, cultural and environmental change.

My other research area is concerned with developing new insights into gender equality issues in formal education from a social justice perspective and with critically examining the theory and practice interface and concepts of quality and inequality in global discourses. I was co-director of the project: Beyond Access, Gender, Education and Development, with Professor Elaine Unterhalter, and have carried out work for different agencies and international NGOs on gender equality (such as OxfamGB, and the Commonwealth Education Fund) and have been active on programme advisory committees including the DFID RPC Edqual in Sub-Saharan African countries and the multi-country programme of UNESCO ‘Teaching Respect For All’. I am a member of the research programme ‘Paradigmas de Diversidad’ and the research network Red Saberes.


ID: 44382