Professional Activities

Conference Papers

2020, 24 Nov, paper at British Art and Natural Forces, Paul Mellon Centre: ‘Curating the Sea - Oceanic Exhibition Making at a Time of Ecological Crisis’  (with Pandora Syperek)

2020, 16 Oct, presentation at Extinction in Public, University of Leeds: ‘Curating Species Loss: Recent Approaches to Extinction in Museums’

2020, 16 Jan, paper at British Art Network Seminar Series, Ipswich Museum: ‘Decolonise! Ecologise! Contemporary Artists’ Strategies to Intervene in Natural History Museum Collection Displays’ (with Bergit Arends)

2019, 29 Oct, paper at Science Museum Research Seminar: ‘Curating the Sea: Ocean Ecology in Recent Exhibitions of Art & Natural History’ (with Pandora Syperek)

2019, 10 Jun, paper at Sex and Nature: 1800-2018, University of Exeter: ‘Sexy Beasts & Saving Wildlife: ‘Pornographic’ Ecology in Contemporary Art & Visual Culture’

2019, 29 Apr, paper at Animal Remains, University of Sheffield, Animal Studies Research Centre: ‘The Extinction Effect: Ethical Animal Bodies in Contemporary Art’

2019, 26 Apr, paper at Maritime Animals: Telling Stories of Animals at Sea, National Maritime Museum: ‘Curating the Sea’, (with Pandora Syperek)

2018, 28 Apr, paper at Curating the Sea: Ecological Vulnerability and the Oceans in Contemporary Exhibitions, Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London: ‘Ecological Exhibitions at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco’

2018, 6 Apr, paper at Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, London: ‘All That Remains: Loss, Mourning and Touching Specimens at The Wildgoose Memorial Library’ (with Jane Wildgoose)

2017, 11 Oct, paper at Forming Collectives: Strategies in Modern and Contemporary Art, Warburg-Haus, Hamburg:  ‘Art and Craftivism for the Chthulucene! Working Together for Wildlife'

2016, 13 Dec, paper at History of Art Seminar, University of Hamburg: ‘From ‘Live and Stuffed’ to Botched and Performed: Some thoughts towards an evolution of artist-animal relations’

2016, 22 Apr, paper at Natural Sciences Collections Association Annual Conference, The Silk Mill, Derby: - ‘The Art of Craftivism in Museums’

2015, 10 Oct, paper at British Animal Studies Network Annual Conference, Cardiff University: ‘Sharks at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco’

2015, 3 Sep, paper at Company of Wolves, University of Hertfordshire: ‘A Running Wolf and Other Grey Animals: The various shapes of Marcus Coates’

2015, 11 Apr, paper at Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, Norwich:‘A Wonderful Hunting Museum: Wonder, hunting and contemporary art at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature’

2015, 17 Jan, paper at Curiosity 2.0, The Art Academy, Dresden: ‘A Wonderful Hunting Museum: Displays at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature’

Invited Talks

2019, 1 Mar, Measuring the Silences and the Work of Mourning: Extinction and the Anthropocene workshop at King’s College London: ‘I’m Sorry for Your Loss: Apology and Animal Death in Contemporary Art’

2017, 14 Mar, Opening the Cabinet of Curiosities workshop, V&A, London: ‘Some Thoughts on the Prevalence of Wonder in Contemporary Art and Exhibitions’

2016, 26 May, Animals in Art symposium, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bristol: ‘Strange Creatures and the Work of Ruth Marshall’

2016, 10 Jun, Wild Beasts: Images of Aggression, Violence & Brutality, University of Hamburg: ‘Placid Predators: On some ‘wild beasts’ in contemporary art’

2015, 13 Jun, Strange Creatures Seminar Day, The Grant Museum of Zoology, London: ‘Art, Animals and Wonder: On some instances of craftivism in museums’

Organised Events & Conferences

2020, 23-24 Jan, Wellcome: The Medicine Galleries Conference, Science Museum, London

2019, 28 Mar, Representing the Medical Body, Science Museum, London (with Katy Barrett)

2018, 28 Apr, Curating the Sea: Ecological Vulnerability and the Oceans in Contemporary Exhibitions, Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London (with Pandora Syperek)

2015, 28 Apr, Collecting the Sea: 1500–2015, The Grant Museum of Zoology (with Mary Addyman)

2014, 11 Jun, On Wolves and Werewolves, The Grant Museum of Zoology


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