Key Research Interests and Expertise

Sarah's current research revolves around three key projects:

Security, manipulation, and elections in sub-Saharan Africa - This research strand explores the prevalence and strategic use of low-intensity violence and intimidation during election periods in sub-Saharan Africa

Pockets of peace and the micro-level dynamics of violence - This research strand examines the micro-level dynacmis of violence, exploring how, when and why localised pockets of peace emerge and persist during periods of intense conflict. Preliminary research for this project - generously funded by the International Peace Research Association Foundation - was carried out in Kyrgyzstan in 2016. 

From banality to bloodshed: Ethnic conflict and electoral violence in Kenya 2007-2017 - This project explores the everyday practices of ethnicity, its relationship to political competition, and its implications for political violence in the case of Kenya's democratisation process. 


She also has research interests in urban insecurity, informal governance, and peacebuilding in sub-Saharan Africa and welcomes PhD applications in the following areas: elections and democratisation; ethnic conflict; urban (in)security, informal governance and security provision; and political violence. 


ID: 85503421