External Activities

Editorial work

November 2018, Sabine joined the editorial board of the International Journal of Public Law and Policy (IJPLAP) published by Interscience publishers.

External teaching and training:

June 2018: training of judges, legal practitioners and EU accession experts on procedural aspects of EU registered trade marks and community registered designs in Serbia as organised by the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA)

2018: delivered 3 seminars on trade marks at the University of Edinburgh (Masters) 

2017-current: non-resident member of staff at Maastricht University: teaching UK copyright law on the IPKM programme

Media articles:

S. Jacques, 'Gary Glitter will not make a profit from the use of his song in the film Joker – here’s why(The Conversation UK, 16/10/2019) (contributor)

S. Jacques & K. Garstka, 'Automated anti-piracy systems: a call for further evidence-based policies' (Kluwer copyright blog, 04/04/2019) (contributor)

Sabine was interviewed by L'Echo in relation to Dr Sally broughton Micova and Sabine's CERRE funded research project on 'The playing field in audiovisual advertising: what does it look like and who's playing?' (L'Echo, 04/04/2019) (interviewee)

S. Jacques, 'Book review: Droit d’auteur 4.0 / Copyright 4.0' (IPKat, 20/04/2018) (Contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Upload filters for online platforms: a toll on cultural diversity?' (UEA ISP Blog, 22/03/2018) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'The EU is trying to protect your memes - but it's a battle against humourless algorithms(The Conversation UK, 13/03/2019) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Do automated tools foster or deter the promotion of cultural works in the digital economy?' (CREATe Research Blog Series, 16 February 2018) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'The Shape of Water: plagiarism accusations explained' (The Conversation UK, 29/01/2018) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Portability of online content services: expectation vs reality' (UEA ISP Blog, 25/01/2018) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Doing it for Yourself: An event for the creative community in Norwich' (CREATe, 18/10/2017) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Improving the revision game' (UEA Learning Highlights, Summer 2017) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Is it original? New French decision on Mankowitz’s famous portrait of Jimi Hendrix' (The Reporter, August 2017) (Contributor)

S. Jacques, 'First application of the parody exception in Canadian law - long live Deckmyn!' (The IPKat, 03/07/2017) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Mankowitz’s famous portrait of Jimi Hendrix is original and deserves copyright protection, says Paris Court of Appeal' (The 1709 Blog, 18/06/2017)  (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'EU copyright law: Is the REDA report a leap forward for the parody exception?' (Eu Law Analysis, 17/02/2015) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'The Battle of Trumpton: parody, or protection of kippers?' (The IPKat, 14/06/2014) (contributor)

S. Jacques, 'Has UKIP lost all sense of humour? Another parody tale…' (EU Law Analysis, 9/06/2014) (contributor)

S. Jacques, '‘We can laugh at everything, but not with everyone!’ Parody and limits to freedom of expression: the CJEU decision in the Deckmyn case' (EU Law Analysis, 3/09/2014) (contributor)

E. Rosati, 'It's a wonderful (PhD) life ... Oh wait: is it?' (The IPKat, 18/08/2014) (interviewee)

S. Jacques, 'Is it a parody? The Advocate-General’s opinion in the Deckmyn case' (Eu Law Analysis, 22/05/2014) (contributor)


'Online Parodies and the Future of Upload Filters' invited speaker at the 7th International IP Congress in Masstricht, the Netherlands, 7th June 2019

'Protecting Diversity in Audiovisual Content' speaker at the Law and Society Association 2019, Washington DC, 31st May 2019

'Creative works' invited speaker for a panel around creativity as part of the UEA public lectures 'Creative Now', Norwich Castle, 14th May 2019

'Reputation as property: a copyright perspective' invited speaker at University of Dublin, Dublin, 18th January 2019

'Assessing "harm" beyond the individual in platform regulation' by Sally Broughton Micova (presenting) and Sabine Jacques at ECREA 2018 (3 November 2018, Lugano)

'Feeling Art: UK copyright law perspective' invited speaker at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, 26th June 2018

'Non-personal Data Mobility in the EU: Is a new right necessary to protect industrial data?' invited speaker at CCP Annual Conference, UEA Norwich, 7th June 2018

'The parody exception in copyright law' invited speaker at CIPIL, Cambridge University, 26th April 2018

'Is there a right to parody under copyright law?' invited speaker at SCRIPT Centre Seminar Series, Edinburgh Law School, 12th March 2018

'Copyright rules fit for the digital age' organised by OSCE Mission to Serbia, 16th-17th November 2017

'Doing It For Yourself - Helping Artists to Survive and Thrive' organised by CREATe at UEA, 29th August 2017.

'Fair Use by Design', invited to participate at a workshop held at the University of Haifa (Israel), 9th July 2017.

'Using gamification in and outside the classroom: focusing on creativity, strategy and student experience' speaker at the European Intellectual Property Teachers' Network (EIPTN), 29th-30th June 2017.

‘Reconstructing copyright’s economic rights in a time of rapid technological change’ invited speaker at the CREATe Copyright and Innovation Network Launch event, 26th May 2017.

‘Tell us about a research design in which you combined different methods. How can methods be combined effectively so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts’ invited speaker at the CREATe Early Career Development Camp, 5th May 2017.

The impact of Automated Anti-Piracy systems as copyright enforcement mechanism on digital cultural diversity: empirical study on Youtube’s Content ID digital fingerprinting technology’presented at Bileta 2017, 20th April 2017.

‘The effect of automated anti-piracy systems: the consequences for cultural diversity’ presented at SLSA 2017, 5th April 2017.

‘From publishers to self-publishing: The disruptive effects of digitalisation on the book industry’ presented at the CREATe Festival 2016 (RSA House), 24th June 2016.

‘Mash-ups and Mixes: what impact have the recent copyright reforms had on the legality of sampling?’ The Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), 20th November 2015.

‘A comparative manifesto on the legal regime applied to digital sampling’ (with Bjorn Schipper and Mark Stafford), Amsterdam Dance Event, 14-18th October 2015.

‘A Parody exception: Why trade mark owners should get the joke.’ The New IP Lawyer Network (University of Exeter), June 2015.

‘Have trade mark right holders lost their sense of humour?’ International Graduate Legal Research Conference (IGLRC, King’s College), 13th April 2015.

‘The introduction of a parody exception in UK copyright law drawing from the French experience.’ Society of Legal Scholars PhD Conference (SLS, University of Edinburgh), 2nd September 2013.


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