Teaching Interests

I have particular interests in;

  • Small group experiential teaching methods; I have been a communication skills tutor since 2000 & delivered conference presentations on a variety of experiential approaches such as maximising the impact of simulated patients during role play (Porto 2018); Small group experiential exercises (Heidelberg, 2016);Using videos as a teaching tool (London 2015)
  • Train the Trainers - National and international events delivered to build the skills and confidence of communication skills teachers in Helathcare.
  • Curriculum design for communication skills, and have reflected on the development of a core curriculum in a recent publication: Bachmann C, Abramovitch H, Barbu CG, Cavaco AM, Dago Elorza R, Rainer H, Loureiro E, Ratajska A, Silverman J, Winterburn, S , Rosenbaum M.  A European consensus on learning objectives for a core communication curriculum in health care professions. Patient Education and Counseling , Volume 93 , Issue 1 , 18 - 26
    Use this link to access list of core competencies designed through a Delphi Process- https://www.each.eu/wp-ontent/uploads/2014/07/HPCCC_website-tEACH.pdf

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