External Activities

Co-Chair Teaching committee, International Association of Communication in Healthcare (EACH). 
EACH is a global organisation whose mission is to promote healthcare communication between patients, relatives and healthcare practitioners that is effective, patient-centred and evidence-based. tEACH is the subcommittee of EACH that focuses on providing support, resources and sharing of expertise for communication teachers, whether about teaching, curriculum development or assessment. tEACH members significantly contribute to the body of evidence and best practices for teaching and implementing effective communication in healthcare.
As part of my role in tEACH I have facilitated international communication skills courses for clinicians, teachers and researchers including:

Train the trainers courses

Motivational Interviewing

Lead for East of England Advanced Communication Skills Training Network 
The Advanced communication skills course is a two day learner centred experiential, course where 10 clinicians work with two trainers on areas of communication they personally find challenging. The course involves filmed role play and feedback. 

Member of the UK Council of Clinical Communication (UKCCC)

The UK Council of Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education is a representative body of the communication teaching leads from all the Medical Schools in the UK.
The UK Council enables good teaching practice to be shared and encourages research and development of effective teaching in clinical communication.
The UK Council supports the development of teaching materials, holds a bank of scenarios and publishes on clinical communication teaching and strategy.

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