Teaching Interests

Stephen's teaching interests are in Empirical and Theoretical Industrial Organisation

PhD Supervision

Since the mid 1980s, Stephen has successfully supervised 25 PhD students (and 4 current), most of whom are now employed in academia, government and consultancies as professional industrial economists.

Recent graduands (since 2010)

C. Webster, (2010), “Price discrimination in local markets”
A. Majumdar, (2010), “An Economic Analysis of Three Live Issues in Competition Policy: Waterbed Effects, Benign Fidelity Rebates and Harmful Vertical Mergers”
O. De, (2011), “The Internal Structures and Organisation of EC Prosecuted Cartels and the Impact on their Performance ”
M. Olczak, “Three essays in Industrial Organisation”
C. Pitassi, (2011) “Turbulence in industrial populations: the case of the Italian graphic paper industry”
E. Hooper, (2010), “Vertical Foreclosure in Network Industries; Competition in the EU Power Sector“
K. Gardner, (2011), Residential Water Demand Modelling and Behavioural Economics
G. Tabacco, (2011), Market Structure and Competition: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. airline industry.

T. Burnett, (2013) “Exclusivity, Bundling and Switching in Telecommunication markets“

Current students

 F. Wandschneider, “Essays on cartels”
R. Havell, “What determines allocation within cartels?”
K. Armoogum, “Competition enforcement in the small economies”
C Crede, "Screening for Cartels"

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