Key Research Interests

Scott has active research interests in:

  • Data Protection;
  • Data Privacy;
  • EU Competition Law;
  • the UK Criminal Cartel Offence;
  • Oil and Gas Law; and,
  • Data Management.


A full list of Scott’s publications can be accessed at


Journal Articles:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Research and Archiving FAQs’ [2018] UK Data Service, UK Data Archive.

The Role of Case Studies in Effective Data Sharing, Reuse and Impact’ [2016] 40(3) IASSIST Quarterly 14.

What should the Dishonesty Element of the UK Cartel Offence be Replaced with?’ [2012] 1 Competition Law Journal 53.


Book Chapters:

Managing and Sharing Research Data: A Guide to Good Practice

Chapter 5: Formatting, Organising and Transforming Data;

Chapter 6: Storing and Moving Data;

Chapter 7: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Sharing Data;

Chapter 8: Disclosure Review, Access Control and Anonymisation;

Chapter 9: Rights Relating to Research Data; and,

Chapter 12: Working with Big and Novel Data. 


Consultation Responses:

'Response to the ICO Consultation on the Draft Data Sharing Code of Practice' [2019].

‘UK Data Archive Response to the ICO Consultation on the GDPR Consent’ [2017].

Office of Fair Trading: Consultation on Leniency and Penalties (Consultation Response from the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy)’ [2011].


Research Group Membership

Responsible Business Regulation Group.

Centre for Competition Policy.

ID: 136608