Key Research Interests and Expertise

My principal research interest is in the development and application of ultrafast methods in spectroscopy. Current methods include ultrafast two-dimensional spectroscopy (with Ismael Heisler, UEA) ultrafast (sub 50 fs) fluorescence up-conversion, transient absorption, Femtoseconf Stimulatled Raman Spectroscopy and optical Kerr effect spectroscopy. These are applied to investigate a number of complex systems including:  coupled chromophore arrays; molecular motors; photoactive fluorescent proteins; blue light sensing proteins; molecular structure and dynamics in aqueous solution.

Research Group Membership

Senior Research Associates

  • Dr Katrin Adamczyk
  • Dr Palas Roy


  • Giovanni Bressan
  • Project Students

    • Jason Elwin
    • Dafydd Lawrence

    Former Members (* Phd Student, last known position - updates and links welcome)

    • Dr Chris Hall (Senior Research Fellow, School of Chemistry. University of Melbourne)
    • Dr Franco V. Almeida Camargo* (Research Associate, University Milan)
    • Dr Siarhei Laptenok (Research Fellow, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
    • MSc Roberta Moca
    • Dr Kiri Addison* (Cyber data specialist, civil service)
    • Dr Francesca Palombo (Lecturer in Physics, Exeter University)
    • Dr. Kamila Mazur* (National Instruments, USA)
    • Dr. Jamie Conyard* (Teacher Training)
    • Dr. Rui-Kun Zhao* (Teaching Fellow South Bank University)
    • Prof. Andras Lukcas - (Prof of Biophysics, University Pec)
    • Dr. Minako Kondo* - (Lecturer, Ochanomizu University,
    • Dr. Jerome Nappa  
    • Dr. James Rice - (Lecturer in Physics University College Dublin)
    • Dr. Jesus Garduno-Mejia (Prof in Physics Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mé
    • Dr Mike Hope*  
    • Dr Michael Higlett* (Scientist Health Protection Agency)
    • M.Sc. Lesley Jaggard  
    • Dr. James Mann*
    • Dr Neil Hunt (Reader in Physics, Strathclyde University)
    • Dr Andy Jaye* (Post doc Stony Brook University)
    • Dr Daren Burke* (Post doc Univeristy College London)
    • Dr Tomas Vondrak (Senior Research Associate University Leeds)
    • Dr Naomi Webber* (Government Relations, Lewis Burke Associates, Washington,
    • Dr Konstanin Litvinenko (Senior Research associate, University Surrey)
    • Dr Neil Smith* (Softward Devlopment, Diamond Light Source)
    • Dr Shujie Lin (Institute of Optical Science, Toronto)
    • Dr Robert Kidd* (Astra Zeneca)
    • Dr Michael Morgenthaler* (at Heriot watt University, Strathclyde police)

Dr. Ismael Heisler.


Dr. Andras Lukcas.


PhD student Kamila working with Cavity-Dumped laser.


PhD student Leo.

PhD student Jamie.

PhD student Kiri.

PhD student Clare.

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