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Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Education Teaching Award Winner 2013.  Awarded for innovative use of technology to engage, challenge and enthuse students by blurring the boundaries between the internet and the lecture theatre.

Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow (2013).

One of the 175 Royal Society of Chemistry Faces of Diversity.

School Positions: Professor of Chemistry Education; Director of Learning and Teaching; Director of the Chemistry with a Foundation Year Degree; Director of the Chemistry with Education Degree; Head of Foundation Year.

Potential Research Studentships available:
Direct quantitative measure to determine learning gain
Applications of immersive virtual reality in chemistry education

Prof Lancaster obtained a BSc 1991, MSc 1992 and PhD 1995, from the University of East Anglia. In 1996 the RSC awarded him the Laurie Vergnano prize for the best contribution to Inorganic Chemistry by a young researcher for his work on Early Transition Metal Alkyl Cations and their role in Polymerisation Catalysis. He then spent four years as a research officer at the University of Leeds. In February 2000 Prof Lancaster returned to UEA as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2009 and Professor in 2014. He is currently Director of Learning and Teaching.

Prof Lancaster began his academic career studying organometallic chemistry, fascinated by its novelty and the sense of chemical adventure. He developed new organometallic complexes and their pre-cursors for applications as diverse as catalysing the dehydrocoupling polymerisation of ammoniaboranes, predicting, rationalising and ultimately controlling supramolecular architectures and exploited the synergy between main group and transition metal centres to activate small molecules.

Prof Lancaster is a dedicated and innovative teacher and has been rewarded by UEA’s Sir Geoffrey and Lady Allen teaching excellence award. His application of technology to support student engagement has been supported by Teaching Fellowships and funding from both the Higher Education Academy and the University Annual Fund. He is the recipient of the 2013 Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Higher Education Award and in 2013 was recognised by the Higher Education Academy as a National Teaching Fellow. He is an external examiner at Queen Mary College, University of London.
Prof Lancaster seeks to ensure students at UEA benefit from an evidence-based approach to the utilisation of technologies as diverse as audience participation apps and immersive virtual reality. He is keen to provide quantitative benchmarks for tangible learning gain against which popular proxies can be compared.

Through his keynote lecture and professional development workshops, Prof Lancaster plays a leading role in promoting technology enhanced learning and teaching both nationally and internationally. He is President of the Education Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry, where he champions chemistry education, students and teachers at every level.

Golden Tweeter award

Selected Publications

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DOI: 10.1002/chemv.201700033

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Higher Education Pedagogies, in press.



  • Research Officer, University of Leeds 1995–2000
  • Lecturer, University of East Anglia 2000–2009
  • Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia 2009–

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