I began working in ENV in 1994 when I took the M.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences following a degree in Mathematics at UEA (MAP/MTH). This led to a PhD in ENV, with CASE supervision from Marine Laboratory Aberdeen (now Marine Scotland Science) using historical hydrographic data to estimate changes in flow through the Faroe Shetland Channel. I joined Cefas, an agency of Defra, in 1999 but have retained close links with UEA colleagues and have been an honorary lecturer since 2009. I still work on exchange across the Greenland Scotland Ridge and interaction with the atmosphere at the North Atlantic-Nordic Seas scale, but also on long time-series observations in UK shelf seas and how change in the physical characteristics of the sea affects the biological systems and fisheries within it.

I work at UEA for one day each week to develop and facilitate research collaborations between UEA and Cefas; a contribution to the strategic alliance signed by these institutions in 2008 and renewed in 2013. Collaborations between UEA and Cefas have led to work on fisheries, pollution, coastal erosion, marine ecosystems, environmental economics, climate change, marine policy and oceanography.

Google Scholar - publications co-authored by Cefas & UEA since 2008.

I have a twitter account @stephendye – all views are my own not those of Cefas or the university.

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I work at Cefas in the Marine Climate Change Centre.

CEFAS Lowestoft Laboratory
Pakefield Road
NR33 0HT
Tel. 01502 524508

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