Teaching Interests

European modernism

American art and American photography

Problems of art historical method

Research supervision 

Dr Dell is interested in supervising research students working on the relationship between art and historical process in the twentieth century, with particular reference to interwar Europe and to shifts in art practice after 1960.

Doctoral dissertations supervised: 

Women, Painting and Critical Practice in Britain, 1984-1992 (2001)

‘Claude Cahun’ – Published/Unpublished: The Textual Identities of Lucy Schwob 1914-1944 (2003)

A Context for Fascist Art and Culture: An Examination of Debates in Critica Fascista 1923-1943 (2008)

Current Supervision: 

Death and Performance Art

Examples of modules taught 

After Modernism: Art and New Media 1955-1975

American Art and Photography 1900-1950

Gender and Modernism 1900-1939

Archaeology/Contemporary Art (with Dr Joanne Clarke)

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