My overarching area of interest is how we can achieve a sustainable balance between agriculture, the natural environment and biodiversity, and the dependence of agriculture upon ecosystem services. I completed an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London and prior to that a BSc in Animal Science at the University of Reading. 

In addition to the theory, I have gained practical experience working on a variety of different farms. Upon leaving University, I worked as a Conservation Officer for the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. Projects included developing a Conservation Management Plan and engagement programme for the Caribbean island of Montserrat, organising various conferences and meetings of Environment Ministers and Conservation Practitioners in the Overseas Territories and submitting reponses to inquiries such as the Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry into the Government's 'blue-belt' policy for Marine Protected Areas. 

I am currently completing a PhD in collaboration with HL Hutchinson Ltd looking at how foraging resources can be managed for pollinators at the whole farm scale. 

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