Teaching Interests

Level 4:

Introduction to Modern History

The Age of Extremes

Level 5:

The Cold War: A New History (Module Organiser)

Level 6:

Communism and Nationalism in Yugoslavia (Module Organiser)

Twentieth Century Sport History (Module Organiser)


Nationalism and Violence in the Twentieth Century (Module Organiser)

Historical Research Skills

Specialist Reading Tutorials: Cleansing the City




Recent Supervision (Selection)

Undergraduate Dissertations

  • Exclusion in English Football: Racism, Gender and Sexuality
  • British Media Representations of Josip Broz Tito
  • Stadium Design and the Hillsborough Disaster
  • Lord Harris, Bombay Cricket and the "Civilising Mission", 1890-1895
  • The Role of Cricket in the Independence of the West Indies

MA Theses

  • The Origins of the Paralympic Games
  • The Changing Nature of British Newspaper Coverage of Anglo-German Football Matches, 1954-1996
  • British Print Media Representations of Serbia, 1999-2004
  • Population Decline in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Football, Fans and the State in East Germany

PhD Topics

  • Hardcore Ljubljana - DIY Hardcore Punk in Slovenia during the 1980s
  • Building a Multi-Ethnic Army in Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina

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