Dr Rose Meleady joined the School of Psychology in 2013 as a Lecturer of Psychology. Rose previously obtained a PhD in Psychology from the University of Kent. At the same institution Rose also completed a Masters degree in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, and a BSc degree in Psychology. She is a Social Psychologist with a specific focus on group processes and intergroup relations.

Indicative Publications

Meleady, R., Hopthrow, T., & Crisp, R.J. (2013) Simulating social dilemmas: Promoting cooperative behaviour through imagined group discussion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104 (5),839-853. 

Meleady, R., Hopthrow, T., & Crisp, R.J. (2013). The group discussion effect: Integrative processes and suggestions for implementation. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 17 (1),56-71. 

Crisp, R.J., & Meleady, R. (2012). Adapting to a multicultural future. Science, 336 (6083), 853-855. 

Crisp, R.J., Birtel, M., & Meleady, R. (2011). Mental simulations of social thought and action: Trivial tasks or tools for transforming social policy. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 20 (4), 261-264. 

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