Dr Rose Meleady joined the School of Psychology in 2013. She previously obtained a PhD in Psychology from the University of Kent. At the same institution Rose also completed a Masters degree in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, and a BSc degree in Psychology. She is a Social Psychologist with a specific focus on intergroup relations, prejudice and attitude change.

Indicative Publications

Meleady, R., Crisp, R.J., Dhont. K., Hopthrow, T. & Turner, R. (2020). Intergroup contact, social dominance, and environmental concern: A test of the cognitive liberalization hypothesis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 118, 1146-1164.

Meleady, R., Crisp, R.J., Hodson, G., & Earle, M. (2019). On the generalization of intergroup contact: A taxonomy of transfer effects. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 28, 430-435.

Hodson, G., Crisp, R.J., Meleady., R & Earle, M. (2018). Intergroup contact as an agent of cognitive liberalization. Perspectives in Psychological Science, 13, 523-548.

Meleady, R., Seger, C., & Vermue, M. (2017). Examining the role of positive and negative intergroup contact and anti-immigrant prejudice in Brexit. British Journal of Social Psychology, 56, 799-808.

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