Key Research Interests and Expertise

Environmental and ecological economics; ecosystem services; wetland valuation and management; coastal zone manangement, waste management.

Significant Publications

  • Strassburg B, R. K. Turner, B Fisher, R Schaeffer and A, Lovett (2009) Reducing emissions from deforestation- The '' combined incentives'' mechanism and empirical simulations, Global Environmental Change 19: 265-278.
  • Fisher B, R K Turner and P. Morling (2009) Defining and classifying ecosystem servcies for decision making, Ecological Economics, 68(3): 643-653.
  • Fisher, B. and R.K.Turner et al (2008) Integrating ecosystem services and economic theory, Ecological Applications 18, 2050-2067.
  • Turner, R.K. (2007) Limits to CBA in UK and European environmental policy: retrospects and future prospects. Environmental and Resource Economics 37(1), 253-269. DOI: 10.1007/s10640-007-9119-2 
  • Andrews, J.E., D. Burgess, R. Cave, E. Coombes, T. Jickells, D. Parks and R. K. Turner (2006) Biogeochemical value of managed realignment, Humber Estuary, UK, Science of the Environment, 371(1-3), 19-30. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2006.08.021
  • Turner, R.K., J. Paavola, P. Cooper, S. Forber, V. Jessamy and S. Georgiou (2003) Valuing nature: Lessons learned and future research directions, Ecological economics, 46: 493-510, Doi: 10.1016/50921-8009(03)00189-7
  • Balmford, A., A. Bruner, P. Cooper, R. Costanza, S. Forber, R. Green, M. Jenkins, P. Jefferiss, V. Jessamy, J. Madden, K. Munroe, N. Myers, S. Naeem, J. Paavola, M. Rayment, S. Rosends, J. Roughgarden, K. Trumper and R.K. Turner (2002) Economic reasons for conserving wild nature, Science 297: 950-953. DOI: 10.1126/science.1073947 
  • Pearce, D.W. and R.K. Turner (1990) Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, John Hopkins University Press, Balitmore, Maryland.

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