Teaching Interests


I am extremely interested in the theory and practice of education, fascinated by how people learn and continually looking to improve my own practice to better support this. This has led me to become involved with many different initiatives on approaches to teaching both within and beyond UEA. In particular I am drawn to constructivist theories of learning, the importance of affective factors in education, the value of learning by doing and the potential of new technologies in helping to transform higher education. On the other hand I have a great deal of sympathy for the arguments increasingly heard against reliance on the traditional lecture as the main format for university teaching.


I currently teach on the following undergraduate modules: Evidence in International Development, Quantitative Evidence in Development, Gender and Development and Macroeconomics of Development, convening the first two of these. In the taught postgraduate programme I run a ‘refresher’ course in Maths and Statistics and lecture on the Rural Policies and Politics module.

ID: 33286