Professor Fuller has been made an honorary professor.

He is a member of the senior management team of the British Trust for Ornithology and leads one of the BTO’s two main research groups which includes four teams: monitoring, wetland and marine research, land-use research and international research.

His department at the BTO undertakes research on ornithological consequences of land-use change, habitat management and habitat loss. This work forms the basis of information and advice for government agencies and NGOs on wide-ranging issues concerning conservation of terrestrial and wetland birds and their habitats. Studies of the relationships between agriculture and biodiversity have been a major component of his work in recent years. However, he has a long-term and ongoing research interest in factors influencing variation in temperate scrub and woodland bird communities. Issues of particular interest include: successional dynamics of bird communities, edge effects and habitat mosaics, effects of habitat management, impacts of increasing deer populations, and large-scale spatial variation in habitat selection by birds. Whilst his work has been mainly on birds, he is increasingly working on wider strategies and policies for sustaining future biodiversity against a background of climate change and intensifying pressures on habitats.

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British Trust for Ornithology
The Nunnery
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Tel. 01842 750050

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