I am Associate Professior in Work Psychology, I joined NBS as a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour in 2015. 

From 2008 to August 2015 as Assistant Professor in Work and Organisational Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome.

My research interest are related to work stress and unethical behaviour at work. In particular I am interested in understanding why people might behave unethically and how we can prevent this.

I have been conducting cross-sectional and longitudinal studies for understanding the impact of both individual (e.g. self efficacy beliefs, moral disengagement, negative emotions) and workplace factors (e.g. interpersonal conflict, bullying, organisational constraints) affecting stress and counterproductive behaviour at work.

I have been focusing my attention on the health-care system and on nursing education with the aim of identifying individual and organisational factors (e.g. leadership, self efficacy, workplace/education characteristics) protecting nurses’ from stress and burnout and promoting well-being and citizenship behaviour among them.

Furthermore I'm interested in examining the role of organisational culture and leadership in preventing errors and patients’ safety.

I am an expert in data analysis, using complex methodologies with a special interest in structural equation modelling. I have been coordinating different cross-sectional and longitudinal research projects mainly focused on stress at work and counterproductive and unethical behaviours.

In 2014 I completed the post-graduated training in systemic and relational psychotherapy.  


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