Key Research Interests


"Alcohol Policy Modelling and Evaluation", Medical Research Council, £1,100,000, 2010-2014 (co-investigator)

"Price Dynamics in Food Retailing in Great Britain", Economic and Social Research Council, £200,000, 2009-2012 (named researcher)


"Do Retailers Manipulate Prices to Favour Private Label over Brands?" CCP Working Paper 18-2, Centre for Competition Policy at UEA, March 2018.

“Strategic Incentives for Complementary Producers to Innovate for Efficiency and Support Sustainability,” International Journal of Production Economics, accepted and forthcoming (with P.W. Dobson) (ABS 3*).

“Containing Big Soda: Countering Inducements to Buy Large-Size Sugary Drinks,” Journal of Business Research (special section on Food Portions and Marketing), Vol. 75, pp. 185–191, June 2017 (with P.W. Dobson and J.S. Seaton). (ABS 3*)

"Pricing in Inflationary Times: The Penny Drops," Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 76, pp. 71-86, November 2015 (with P.W. Dobson, J.S. Seaton and M. Waterson). (ABS 4*)

"Assessing Brand and Private Label Competition," European Competition Law Review, Vol. 36 (2), pp. 76-81, February 2015 (with P.W. Dobson). (ERA A = 3*)

"Alcohol tax pass-through across the product and price range: Do retailers treat cheap alcohol differently?” Addiction, Vol. 109 (12), pp. 1994-2002, December 2014 (with A.K. Ally inter alia). (ERA A = 3*)

"How Do National Brands and Store Brands Compete?" CCP Working Paper 14-7, Centre for Competition Policy at UEA, August 2014 (with P.W. Dobson).

“Market Consolidation and Pricing Developments in Grocery Retailing: A Case Study,” in Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation, Martin Pietz and Yossi Spiegel (eds.), Now Publishers, July 2014 (with P.W. Dobson, J.S. Seaton and M. Waterson).

“Pricing in inflationary times: the penny drops”, The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series (TWERPS) 975, Department of Economics, University of Warwick, December 2011 (with P.W. Dobson, J.S. Seaton and M. Waterson).

“Private Labels and Branded Goods: Consumers’ ‘Horrors’ and ‘Heroes’,” in Private Labels, Branded Goods and Competition Policy: The Changing Landscape of Retail Competition, A. Ezrachi and U. Bernitz (eds.), Oxford University Press, February 2009 (with P.W. Dobson).

“Buyer Power in the U.K. Groceries Market”, Antitrust Bulletin, Vol. 53 (2), pp. 333-368, Summer 2008 (with P.W. Dobson). (ERA C = 1*)


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