Teaching Interests

  • Physical and Analytical Methods in the Biomolecular Sciences (BIO-4007Y)
  • Physiology and Chemistry for Life Sciences (BIO-4009Y)
  • Molecules, Genes and Cells (BIO-4013Y)
  • Biochemistry (BIO-5002A)
  • Molecular Biology (BIO-5003B)
  • Biology in Society (BIO-5012Y)
  • Work Placement for Biosciences (BIO-5021Y)
  • Molecular Enzymology in Biology and Medicine (BIO-6001A)
  • Genomes, Genes and Genomics (BIO-6013A)
  • Evolution in Health and Disease (BIO-6017A)
  • Postgraduate Employability Programme (BIO-7034Y)
  • Supervisor for Research Projects of final year Undergraduate students from BIO and NatSci, and of Taught MSc students

ID: 19372