Key Research Interests

Having trained as a biochemist, my research interests have broadened out to encompass methodologies that involve biophysical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology. More recently, I have even dabbled with bioinformatics and structural biology! The research focus of my group is macromolecular interactions of bacterial DNA repair proteins and we have focused attention on DNA ligases. Our experiments are performed in vitro or in bacterial model organisms. 

Current Research Projects

  • Physiological functions of DNA ligases
  • RNA ligases of bacteria and viruses
  • DNA repair pathways of model organisms
  • Relationship between DNA metabolism and genetic instability of DNA repeats
  • The interplay between DNA damage, DNA repair and ageing 

Life in our research group 

Life in our research group We use a range of contemporary biochemical and molecular biological techniques that allow us to study the relationship between DNA metabolism and processes that take place within cells. Our experiments take advantage of well-characterised model organisms, providing great opportunities to link our understanding of biochemical mechanisms to physiological consequences. Much of our recent work has focused on microorganisms, but we are increasingly developing projects that use proteins, cells or tissues from higher organisms, including humans. The majority of our experiments are conducted in a laboratory that is shared with other research groups at UEA that have a biochemical and structural biological focus. These research groups hold a weekly floor meeting that provides great opportunities for cross-fertilisation of research projects. We regularly host visitors from our international collaborators, and were the UEA main contact for the Horizon 2020 Twinning project "BISON", which was coordinated by Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic; for further details Click here. The "BISON" Twinning project finished at the end of 2018, with progress being dissemintated by regular newsletters, which can be read here.  


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