Key Research Interests

Research Interests

Applied Microeconomics
Economics of Sport and Leisure
Measurement of Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Book Chapters, Reports and Proceedings

Participation and Demonstration Effects: “Couch Potatoes to Runner Beans”? Forthcoming in Handbook of Sports Economics.

Refereeing and Infringement of the Rules, In Goddard, J and Sloane, P, Handbook of the Economics of Football, Edward Elgar 2014.

Economics of the Olympics, In Kahane, L. and Shmanske, S. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Sports Economics, Vol.1: The Economics of Sports, Oxford University Press 2012.

Expanding the Capacity of Carrow Road Football Stadium: An Independent Review by the University of East Anglia. May 2012 (with N. Ward) 

“Participation, Spectatorship and Media Coverage in Sport: Some initial insights”, In Lavoie, M. and Andreff, W (Eds.), New Horizons in the Economics of Sport, Edward Elgar. 2011 (with P.Downward).

The Economic Impact of Cultural Activity in Bath and North East Somerset: Final Report for Bath Cultural Forum and Bath Festivals. 2010.

“Crime and Punishment in Professional Football: Evidence from the English Premier League”, In Andersson, P, Ayton, P and Schmidt, C (Eds.) Myths and Facts about Football: The Economics and Psychology of the World’s Greatest Sport, Cambridge Scholars. 2008.

An Analysis of Disciplinary Sanction and Time Added on in European Cup Competitions. UEFA Report. 2008.

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