Key Research Interests and Expertise

  • Viral evasion of the innate immune response
  • Viral proteins that inhibit interferon, RNA interference and inflammatory pathways
  • Host suceptibility genes 
  • Stress responses to viral infection
  • Regulation of the innate immune response by autophagy
  • Gut microbiome and eukaryotic viruses



Highlighted publications

Non‐canonical autophagy functions of ATG16L1 in epithelial cells limit lethal infection by influenza A virus

Wang, Y., Sharma, P., Jefferson, M.Zhang, W.Bone, B., Kipar, A., Bitto, D., Coombes, J. L., Pearson, T.Man, A.Zhekova, A.Bao, Y., Tripp, R. A., Carding, S. R., Yamauchi, Y., Mayer, U.Powell, P. P., Stewart, J. P. & Wileman, T.15 Mar 2021In : The EMBO Journal. 406, e105543.

Regulation of cytokine signaling through direct interaction between cytokine receptors and the ATG16L1 WD40 domain.

Serramito-Gómez, I., Boada-Romero, E., Villamuera, R., Fernández-Cabrera, Á., Cedillo, J. L., Martín-Regalado, Á., Carding, S.Mayer, U.Powell, P. P.Wileman, T., García-Higuera, I. & Pimentel-Muiños, F. X., 20 Nov 2020In : Nature Communications. 111, 5919 .

 Regulatory network analysis of Paneth cell and goblet cell enriched gut organoids using transcriptomics approaches

Treveil, A., Sudhakar, P., Matthews, Z. J., Wrzesiński, T., Jones, E. J., Brooks, J., Ölbei, M., Hautefort, I.Hall, L. J.Carding, S. R.Mayer, U.Powell, P. P.Wileman, T.Di Palma, F., Haerty, W. & Korcsmáros, T., 1 Feb 2020In : Molecular Omics. 161p. 39-58 20

The WD and linker domains of ATG16L1 required for non-canonical autophagy limit lethal influenza A virus infection at epithelial surfaces

Wang, Y.Zhang, W.Jefferson, M., Sharma, P., Bone, B., Kipar, A., Coombes, J. L., Pearson, T.Man, A.Zhekova, A.Bao, Y., Tripp, R., Carding, S.Mayer, U.Powell, P., Stewart, J. P. & Wileman, T.15 Jan 2020, BiorXiv: biorxiv.

The autophagy protein ATG16L1 is required for Sindbis virus-induced eIF2α phosphorylation and stress granule formation

Jefferson, M.Bone, B.Buck, J. L. & Powell, P. P.29 Dec 2019In : Viruses. 121, 39


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ID: 36337