External Activities


Reports prepared

European Commission (2017) Feasibility study on the microeconomic impact of enforcement of competition policies on innovation

UNCTAD (2016) A methodological framework to capture the various economic impacts of competition enforcement 

OECD (2015) Capacity Building Workshop on Ex-Post Evaluation of Competition Authorities’ Decisions

European Commission (2015) A review of merger decisions in the EU: What can we learn from ex-post evaluations?

World Bank (2014) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Kenyan Competition Authority

World Bank (2014) Impact Evaluation Framework for the Kenyan Competition Authority

OECD (2012) Stoctaking on Evaluation, DAF/COMP/WP2(2012)5

Invited advice

European Commission (2014) Improving DG COMP’s ex-post impact evaluation framework

Training workshop for judges from EC member states on the quantification of harm (Dublin, May 2013)

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