Key Research Interests and Expertise

My current work is focused in four areas; the adoption of e-commerce; usability, in particular the usability testing of web interfaces; the successful introduction of IT, and global software outsourcing.

Building on work already carried out and published in the areas of e-readiness, e-government and website accessibility, my current work in this area is focusing on the adoption of e-commerce within developing countries. Mubarek Aldwsry, one of my PhD students is currently involved in a comprehensive study of the adoption and utilisation of e-commerce within Saudi Arabia. This takes into account internal, environmental, and national level attributes in order to identify the factors that influence e-commerce introduction and use in developing countries.

Another exciting and productive research area is the usability testing process itself. The contention is that these tests typically overstate the actual quality of web-based interfaces. An initial, albeit small study into the environment in which tests are carried out, yielded some interesting result. A second, comprehensive study, in collaboration with Majed Alshamari, one of my PhD students, has focused on the formulation of usability test tasks.  We have published a number of papers on different aspects of this study and anticipate further papers in the near future. A wide range of complementary topics, including the exploration of remote usability testing, and further investigation into heuristic evaluation approaches, are continuing, mostly in association with MSc students.

One of my long standing interests has been in assuring the successful introduction of IT into businesses. This builds on work carried out previously in the areas of stakeholder evaluation, process improvement, critical success factors, senior management influence, and quality management practices within IT organisations. This is continuing in association with Ali Al-Majeeni, one of my PhD students, as we explore IT adoption processes and their effects on business transformations. The intention is to provide guidance as to the best methods with which to achieve IT's desired benefits. The study is restricted to public organisations in Oman. A further exciting project in the area of the successful introduction of IT, is being undertaken in association with Hussein Al-Salemi’s PhD studies. This project is investigating the introduction of IT support for managers, specifically to enhance the motivation and capabilities of their workforce. Initial trials show promising results and further implementations are continuing.


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