Key Research Interests

Current Research Interests

Uses of accounting information in decision making, performance management and control in large organisations, strategic change management in health service organisations, information sharing and benchmarking in health services. 

Current research projects

Health Managers' Information Seeking Behaviour and Use - Funded by SDO National Institute for Health Research, with Kingston University Institute for Leadership and Management in Health 

Effects of payment by results on strategic decision making in NHS - Funded by British Accounting Association

Diversity and Equality in Health Service Management (with Prof. Mustafa Ozbilgin) - Funded by EC Lifelong Learning, Leonardo Partnership Project

Changing governance structures in British National Health Service

Longitidunal study of benchmarking in NHS Hospital Trusts

Healthservice Transformation Programme in Turkey

PhD Students - current

Aiman Farran

Bayan El-Shurman

Abdul Alotaibi

Amanda Williams

PhD Students- completed

Olayinka Uodiale (2017) (University of Essex)

Zlatinka Blaber (2015) (University of Essex)

Jafar Ojra (2013)
Joseph Phiri (2012)
Sumathi Sundram (jointly supervised with Prof.Miranda Mugford) (completed 2012)
Thuy Pham Linh (completed 2008)



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