Key Research Interests and Expertise

Dr. Paul Engelhardt is a cognitive psychologist trained in psycholinguistics and cognitive science. His primary research interests include experimental pragmatics, sentence comprehension, and disfluency production. Paul also works on several types of applied-language projects, such as language comprehension in ADHD and dyslexia, and language production in ADHD and ASD.

Dr Engelhardt takes an inter-disciplinary approach in his research, primarily collaborating with clinical psychologists and linguists. The goal of his work is to understand the mechanisms that allow people to comprehend and produce language in real time, and in conjunction with other cognitive processes, such as working memory. As a cognitive psychologist, Paul believes that useful information can be gained about normal language function by examining groups with distinct neuropsychological profiles. At the same time, he is also interested in applying his expertise in language to address practical real-world problems associated with language dysfunction. 

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