I lead a team undertaking biodiversity conservation research in human-modified landscapes. We use population and landuse modelling, functional analysis of multi-taxa assemblages, cost-benefit analysis to challenge strategy with evidence. I adopt a collaborative approach to research design and dissemination, working with conservation agencies and ngo's.

Our innovative Biodiversity Audit Approach quantifies regional biodiversity to objectively define priorities for conservation, and analyses the requirements of multiple priority species in terms of cross-taxa 'management guilds', supporting integrated conservation delivery at landscape scales. This showed a poor fit between conservation priorities and current practice. Our work provided the evidence to implement a 280 km open-habitat invertebrate ‘super-highway’ network, landscape-scale deer management and one of the largest landscape-scale multi-taxa biodiversity management experiments in Europe.  Iternational work assesses consequences of changing human land-use for threatened species, particularly in central and SE Asia.

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