Key Research Interests


“Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage”, EU Horizon 2020, €592,000, 2015/9 (Co-Investigator).

"Alcohol policy modelling and evaluation", Medical Research Council, £1,100,000, 2010/3 (Co-Investigator).

"The impact of retail pricing on overeating and food waste", Economic and Social Research Council, £100,000, 2009/11 (Principal Investigator).

"Price dynamics in food retailing in Great Britain", Economic and Social Research Council, £197,000, 2009/11 (Co-Investigator).

"Buyer power in food retailing", OECD, £1,500, 2003.

"Buyer power in European food retailing", European Commission, €86,400, 1997/9.

"Welfare consequences of buyer power", Office of Fair Trading, £7,500, 1998.

"Vertical restraints and economic efficiency", OECD, £2,000, 1997.

"Vertical restraints and competition policy", £5,000, Office of Fair Trading, 1996.

"Net Book Agreement and the British book trade", Office of Fair Trading, £4,000, 1996.

"Abandoned mergers and collusion", Office of Fair Trading, £17,500, 1992/3.



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2.  Journal Papers

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4. Departmental Discussion Papers

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5. Short Articles and Essays

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6. Official Reports (for government authorities and international bodies)

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( )

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( )

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