Key Research Interests

Nicholas's research interests focus on the economics of regulation and business sustainability. In particular, his most recent work discusses the challenges and effects of the rapidly increasing share of renewables (especially wind) in the capacity mix of Great Britain and other European countries. Some of these challenges include issues related with the short and long term effect of renewables on wholesale electricity prices; the short and long term allocation of resources across different types of generating capacity; and the regulatory changes that may be required to accommodate such shift.

Nicholas has authored a number of articles in leading energy and energy-related journals on these subjects. He is the recipient of the 2012 Campbell-Watkins Energy Journal best paper award (shared with Richard Green of Imperial College) awarded by the International Association of Energy Economics.

Nicholas welcomes applications from PhD candidates interested in any of the following three (broadly defined) areas:

1) Assessment of the impact of the intermittency of supply associated with certain types of renewables (such as wind and solar pv) on national wholesale electricity markets.

2) Costs and benefits of harmonising the regulatory frameworks (and support schemes) across individual European networks

3) Assessment of the impact of green technologies on regional economic performance, business activity and growth.

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