I am Associate Professor (August 2021) in Sustainable Business Economics and Public Policy.

I am an applied economist and my research interests lie at the intersection of responsible regulation, sustainable development and policy evaluation. Much of my recent work focuses on empirically evaluating: (1) the effects of regulation and regional/national policy frameworks on innovation and market behaviour; (2) the effectiveness of policy intervention in developing countries on issues relating to labour markets performance, economic activity and distribution of wealth.  My work has been cited by various government organisations, including the US Treasury and the OECD. 

I have authored a number of articles in leading economics- and policy- related journals on these subjects. I am  the recipient of the 2012 Campbell-Watkins Energy Journal best paper award (shared with Richard Green of Imperial College) awarded by the International Association of Energy Economics.

 I am actively applying for research grants, and over the years I have had various successful bids (both as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator). I am currently funded by a large Horizon 2020 grant (I am on 25% buyout this academic year and 20% buyout in 2020/21). 

I welcome applications from prospective PhD students with an economics and/or policy background who are interested in pursuing research in the area of responsible regulation, sustainable development and policy evaluation. 


Research funding

Recent grants include:

  •  2018-2021 Horizon 2020: SECLI-FIRM, EUR 4.6 million. Co-Investigator. (Award 776868).
  • February-August 2020 "Consumer attitudes towards Sustainable Business Practices",  Principal Investigator. University of Southampton. £3,584 (R210017)

  • September 2019- August 2020 "Defining and managing the green economy in the EU", Co-investigator. £20,589 FAC (R207832)
  • September 2015- August 2016 "The Rise of the green economy in Europe: challenges and opportunities". Principal Investigator. £14,450.82 FEC (R200918)
  • July - December 2015 "Unclaimed assets in the UK". Principal Investigator. £30,000 FAC (U202289)


Before that, I have been part of several successful European and RCUK consortium and smaller bids, including FP7 projects, EPSRC and Royal Economic Society grants (amongst several others). I am applying actively for research funding and welcome opportunities to explore new collaborations (within and outside the UK). 




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