Teaching Interests

I have developed the following research-led modules for the American Studies and and American History programmes at UEA:

  • Black Freedom Struggles: The Civil Rights Movement
  • African Americans and Empire
  • American Radicals
  • Thinking Through American History I
Engagement Work

I am involved in a number of public engagement and schools projects and was awarded the ‘UEA Community Engagement Award’ for this work in 2014. I secured funding to run two small exhibitions at the Norwich Millennium Library for Black History Month in 2013 and 2014 on the British Anti-Apartheid Movement. I am also committed to Widening Participation and deliver a short course on ‘Cold War Civil Rights’ as part of the ‘Raising Aspirations’ programme at Bsix College in Hackney. Finally, I also co-organise an annual VI Form Conference on Civil Rights that addresses some of the key historiographical debates that have transformed our historical understanding of the black freedom struggle in the United States.

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