Mintao is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of East Anglia.  He has done his PhD study in the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He then moved to the University of Hong Kong and Brown Univerisity to do postdoctoral research on face processing and spatial navigation.  Before joining UEA he had been a research scientist at the Max Planck Insitute for Biological Cybernetics.

Mintao supervises both postgraduate and undergraduate students and contributes to the teaching of the following  modules:

PSY-5017B: Cognitive and Biological Psychology (Cognitive Psychology theme)

PSY-6018A: Decoding the Real World: from Light to Neurons to Experience (Face Recognition, Spatial Cognition, Visual Memory, Virtual Reality, and fMRI)

PSY-6009A: Brain and Cognition (guest lecture on Spatial Navigation) 

PSY-4008Y: Introduction to Psychology (Research Seminar) 

PSY-7010A: Cognitive Neuroscience (guest lecture on Person Recognition) 

PSY-6031B: Environmental Psychology (guest lecture on Space Perception) 


For more information, please visit the Person and Space Perception lab here


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