During Hane’s doctoral and early postdoctoral career he worked in Artificial Neural Networks for health applications at the University of Liverpool and LJMU. This included the use of biomechanical data for assistive ambulatory technology and also for Defence applications in the development of energy harvesting systems.

Subsequently, this led to his participation in the Emotion & Pain Project and the ILHAIRE project at University College London. In both projects, his research was in the use of Machine Learning to classify different emotional states based on body expressivity. He then expanded this theme into the use of ubiquitous sensing devices and joined the People Aware Computing Group at Cornell University as a Senior Research Associate where he developed intelligent systems to monitor changes in people with serious mental illnesses based on their behaviour data.

In addition, he was awarded a pilot study grant to evaluate a smartphone based exercise recommender system MyBehaviorCBP for chronic pain rehabilitation in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medical College. Further to his work in academia he has also worked as a Senior Data Scientist within a New York City based start-up company HealthRhythms Inc. where he conducted analyses on smartphone extracted behavioural data for mental health applications.

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