Michael Hamilton joined UEA in 2012 as a Senior Lecturer in Public Protest Law. Previously, he was Associate Professor (2009-12) and Acting Chair of the Human Rights Program (2011-12) at the Legal Studies Department, Central European University, Budapest (where he remains a visiting Professor). Before that, he was Co-Director of the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster (2008-09), and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at the Transitional Justice Institute (2004-09).

Michael’s research focuses on the legal protection and regulation of freedom of assembly. He has published in leading peer-reviewed law journals (including the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, the Human Rights Law Review, the Journal of Human Rights Practice, and the Minnesota Journal of International Law). In 2011, he co-edited (with Professor Antoine Buyse) a collection of essays entitled 'Transitional Jurisprudence and the ECHR: Justice, Politics and Rights', published by Cambridge University Press. 

Michael is a member, and secretary, of the OSCE-ODIHR Panel of Experts on Freedom of Assembly. In this role, he was lead author of the OSCE-ODIHR – Venice Commission 'Guidelines on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly' (2007; 2010). He has contributed to numerous opinions on draft legislation dealing with public assemblies, through both ODIHR's Legislative Support Unit and the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX).

Michael was a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network’s (EMHRN) Freedom of Assembly Steering Group (2012-2015), and in December 2013, was invited by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to speak at a seminar on 'Effective Measures and Best Practices to Ensure the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Context of Peaceful Protests'. Previously, in September 2011, he was an invited panellist at the UN Human Rights Council (on a session devoted to 'Freedom of Peaceful Assembly'). He was also appointed by the Northern Ireland Office as human rights advisor to the 'Strategic Review of Parading' (2007-2010), and has twice presented oral evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee.

Michael obtained an LLB from the University of Kent and an MA in Irish Studies from Queen’s University, Belfast. His doctorate (from the University of Ulster) examined the legal regulation of parade disputes in Northern Ireland.



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