Key Research Interests

My first major research project has been on the continuing relevance of Enlightenment theories of the moral sentiments. Before my arrival at UEA, this project included articles in top journals, as well as book reviews, review articles, contributions to edited volumes, and a monograph published by Oxford University Press. Since 2016, the project has continued with further articles and book chapters, as well as a Chinese translation of the OUP monograph. 

My second major research project is on the ethical foundations of teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences. Many of the issues that we currently understand as methodological or pedagogical are, I argue, moral and political. In addition to several peer-reviewed articles in top journals, this second project has also led to two significant external grants. With the support of outside grants, I am confident that this project will soon result in a second monograph, for which OUP has the right of first review.


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