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  1. Data from: How quantitative is metabarcoding: a meta-analytical approach

    Lamb, P. (Creator), Hunter, E. (Creator), Pinnegar, J. (Creator), Creer, S. (Creator), Davies, R. (Creator), Taylor, M. (Creator), Dryad data repository, 29 Oct 2018, 10.5061/dryad.085jj60


  2. Data from: Neutral variation does not predict immunogenetic variation in the European grayling (Thymallus thymallus) - implications for management

    Huml, J. V. (Creator), Taylor, M. (Creator), Harris, W. E. (Creator), Senn, R. (Creator), Ellis, J. S. (Creator), Dryad data repository, 30 Aug 2018, 10.5061/dryad.dj625ng


  3. Supplementary material from "Whole genome duplication and transposable element proliferation drive genome expansion in Corydoradinae catfishes"

    Marburger, S. (Creator), Alexandrou, M. (Creator), Taggart, J. B. (Creator), Creer, S. (Creator), Carvalho, G. (Creator), Oliveira, C. (Creator), Taylor, M. (Creator), Figshare, 5 Feb 2018, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3995769.v1


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