Mark’s research on environmental policy and politics follows three themes: a) transboundary water conflict and cooperation, at international, sub-national and trans-national levels; b) water policy and social justice issues; and c) urban water supply and treatment during and immediately following armed conflict. The topics are interpreted with theory from numerous disciplines, including political economy, political ecology, justice, law, politics, and hydrology. He has a particular interest in the role that power asymmetry plays, and a geographic focus on the Middle East and Africa.

The interests have been cultivated by his role as co-lead in the London Water Research Group and the UEA Water Security Research Centre, both of which take a critical perspective at international transboundary environmental cooperation and conflict, and 'hydro-hegemony'. The activities follow a professional career in water policy, management and negotiations. Mark has worked as a humanitarian-aid water engineer in conflict and post-conflict zones, including in Chad, Congo-Brazzaville, Lebanon, Iraq and the West Bank and Gaza. He consults regularly on water negotiations, policy and governance for a variety of organisations. He is author of Power and Water in the Middle East: The Hidden Politics of the Palestinian-Israeli Water Conflict (IB Tauris 2008), and contributes regularly to debates through public lectures and media pieces.

Academic Background

Mark has a B.Eng in civil engineering (1990) and an M.Sc in environmental engineering (1998) from McGill University, and a PhD in human geography from King’s College London (2006).


UEA Water Security Research Centre – Director (intermittent since 2010)
Water International – Editorial Board (from 2012)
Frontiers in Environmental Science: Freshwater Science - Editorial Board (from 2015)

International Water Resources Association – Executive Board, 2009
GEF-Science / UNESCO Groundwater Working Group – member, 2009
UNESCO ISARM Conference 2010 – Scientific Steering Committee
Centre for the Study of Global Governance, London School of Economics, Visiting Fellow (2008-2010)
London Water Research Group – coordinator or lead (from 2006)
International Water Resources Association XIII World Water Congress, Scientific Steering Committee (2006 - 2008)
Association of American Geographers, USA (2008)
Canadian Water Resources Association, Canada (from 2005)
Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief, London (from 2004)
International Water Resources Association, USA (from 2004)
Professional Engineers Ontario, Canada (from 1996)
Centre for Developing Area Studies, Montreal (1998 – 1999)
Ingénieurs sans frontières (Engineers Without Borders), Montreal (1998 - 1999)

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