Key Research Interests and Expertise

Dr Neumann is particularly interested in the interrelationship between social, cultural and political developments in 20th century European history and the period of revolutionary Russia in particular. His PhD research dealt with the Communist Youth League (Komsomol) in Soviet Russia between 1917-1932. It broadens our understanding of the social and political dimension of membership in the Komsomol during this momentous period in Russian history and in doing sheds light on the complicated interchange between ideology, policy and reality in the league’s evolution and development.

His new research project examines cultural exchange programmes which enabled American children to visit the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Dr Neumann is willing to supervise MA and research students interested in various aspects of the history of revolutionary Russia and the history of childhood and youth.

Supervision of PhD-projects to date:

  • ‘Cult of the 'Urka': criminal subculture in the Gulag, 1924-53’
  • ‘Becoming Soviet: Lost Cultural Alternatives in Ukraine, 1917-1933’
  • ‘The Soviet Children’s Picture Book, 1917-1935’
  • ‘Understanding and Treatment of Mental Illness in the Soviet Union after Stalin’




ID: 128903